2018 Presenters

Joy Ohayia
Dr. Joy is a highly sought after motivational speaker and author of, “Are We Functioning Under Conflicting Knowledge Every Day?” and “Don't Let "IT" Get You!: An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women.” Dr. Joy is the host of the Award Winning TV Show, The Dr. Joy Show – “Your Prescription For Total Wellness”, with a focus on “The Seven Elements of Total Wellness,” comprising physical, nutritional, social, environmental, financial, spiritual, and emotional/mental aspects.
Monica Bennett
Dr. Monica's life has taken her on a journey of self-discovery for life, love, and truth. She was born to parents who were both holocaust survivors. Dr. Monica owned and operated a successful horticultural business for 22 years before following her calling to be an empowerment coach. She became aware of how the laws of the natural world operate in our lives and saw the correlation between how things grow and how we govern our own mind.
Kim Love Jones
Kim Love Jones is a dynamic motivational speaker, relationship coach and author of “Perfectly Imperfect: Key principles that lead to your best relationship ever”. She is recognized as an authority on interpersonal relationships as well as personal growth and development. Ms. Jones has directly impacted the lives of many as she fulfills her mission to change the way men and women relate to one another, putting them on the path to healthier, more meaningful relationships.
George Andriopoulos
George is the award-winning founder and CEO of Launchpad Five One Six, a New York based management consulting firm whose mission is to provide organizations with the tools to innovate and thrive. After a major pivot in his life and career, George realized his potential as a change-maker and a source of inspiration to businesses and individuals who were stuck in the mindset of defining themselves by their mistakes.
Michele Howe Clarke
Michele knew it was time to face forward when her seemingly idyllic life as an investment banker was completely altered after a devastating diagnosis with aggressive facial cancer. As a new mom she knew she needed to find a way to make sense of it all and to find a way forward. Armed with inherent drive and the ability to innovate she spent over 10,000 hours studying and researching. She uncovered a path that awakened her own innate resource to thrive.
Rachel Dunbar
Rachel B. Dunbar, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of ReDirect Consulting, Incorporated (RDC, Inc.), an educational consulting firm specializing in industry assessment and program restructuring in order to help clients realize academic and professional excellence. She holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Doctorate in Early Childhood Education/Urban Education from Georgia State University.
Garrison Redd
Garrison Redd is a motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights. Growing up, he excelled scholastically and athletically, scoring in the top 3 percentile in school and playing various sports. In his senior year in high school, Garrison was shot in the back and suffered spinal damage that left him unable to walk. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, Garrison focused on the bigger picture of overcoming adversity and inspiring others.
Sama Jashnani
Sama is the 25-year-old CEO & Co-Founder of DownToDash, an app that connects people in the same location to do an activity together. She has been a speaker at New York Advertising Week and has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Inc. Magazine and other popular publications. While in college, she co-founded a social enterprise to empower rural women to deliver in-home salon services. Subsequently, she got a full scholarship for her Masters in Marketing and Strategy at Warwick Business School.
Fred P. Banny
Fred P. Banny is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, leadership coach, speaker, and mentor. Fred leads one of the Banny Foundation’s initiatives: Conversations with Kings (CWK). His aim, through CWK, is to help boys and men activate their potential and take positions as servant leaders of influence and impact in their homes and communities. Fred has used his life’s adversities as a launching pad for his success.
Clinton Oh
Clinton is the founder of Next Level MA Consulting LLC, an online consulting and leadership development company. They help grow entrepreneurs' talents and their businesses. He is also the owner of multiple martial arts schools in New York. Currently, they are the fastest growing martial arts schools on the east coast. His team specializes in developing leaders with similar visions to create the highest quality Taekwondo organization in the world.
Nicole Campbell
Nicole Campbell is driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference in every facet of her personal and professional life, creating new initiatives and opportunities that allow people to continuously evolve. A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School, Nicole has served as a White House Fellow after years of experience developing initiatives in education reform and working with young people directly.
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