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Thank you for your interest!  

We accept applications year round! 

You MUST follow the guidelines below to be considered. 

Please make sure your talk falls within one of the topics of interest.  It is important that you become familiar with TED/TEDx style presentations so please visit and view talks in your field of interest. TED/TEDx talks are not inspirational or motivational speeches, but rather talks that focus on a thought-provoking IDEA. Please do not recycle a previous speech or coaching presentation!  

TED provides important Guidelines for Speakers that you need to review carefully before submitting your proposal. 

The Presenter Review Team will review all proposals and make initial selections that best reflect the spirit of TED, our topics of interest, and the TED guidelines.  You will be contacted after this process and invited to a virtual meeting for next steps.


  • PLEASE check all entries for spelling, grammar, and correctness.

  • PLEASE be sure to keep a record of your responses before you hit submit. 

Click here for the 
New Presenter Application

PLEASE NOTE: We have completed the selection of speakers for  TEDxDeerParkWomen on October 28, 2023. Any new submissions will be considered for future programs. Thank you!

To help us curate a dynamic program, we ask that all potential presenters complete the New Presenter Application to help us get a better understanding of your idea worth spreading.


We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

See our Past Speakers: 


  • 2020  TEDXDeerParkWomen: WHAT NOW?

  • 2021   TEDxDeerPark:CONNECT

  • 2020  TEDXDeerParkWomen: FEARLESS

  • 2020  TEDxDeerPark: PARADOX

  • 2019   TEDxDeerPark: WHAT BOX? 

  • 2018   TEDxDeerPark: IMPACT! 



 APRIL 16, 2022 TEDxDeerParkLive: A New Era

Winter 2022         TEDXDeerParkWomen (TBD)

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