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Who can become a sponsor?

Most companies and individuals may become sponsors.  Bookstores are traditional partners with TEDx events. Sponsors must be approved by TED in advance.
Sponsors have no editorial control or veto power over the program. 
When a TED Sponsor is approved for our event, it is approved for that one specific event only. You will need to reach out and reapply for sponsor approval for all subsequent TEDx events.
Unfortunately, the following people cannot sponsor TEDx events:
  •  TEDxDeerPark presenters
  • Companies or Organizations who deal with weapons/ammunition, tobacco/cigarettes, or adult-oriented products/services.
Please be sure to complete the                                          so we can acknowledge you in the program and at the event!
       Click here to download  the Sponsorship Package

Sponsor Package Icon.png
Sponsor Package Icon.png
megaphone with money_edited.png
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Sponsor Levels

Precious Gems

Diamond $5000


Ruby $4000


Sapphire $3000


Emerald $2000

Precious Metals









Friends of TedxDeer Park  $50

In-Kind Sponsorships

                   So, what can I sponsor?

The following are just some of the things you may choose to sponsor:

 Your In-Kind Sponsorship will be recognized at the appropriate Sponsor Level.

Email us at:


All sponsorships can be sent via PayPal to 

Just click here: 


Please be sure complete the                       so we can acknowledge you at the event and in the program!


checkbook and pen2.png

Sending a check?

Make it payable to TEDxDeerPark,Inc.

The mailing address is: TEDxDeerPark, Inc. 

                                      67 Columbus Ave.

                                      Central Islip, NY 11722


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